Imagine a workplace with an authentically welcoming environment—a place where “diversity” and “inclusivity” are not just words, but well-developed and ongoing practices. In this place, you can trust your colleagues to see you as more than your productivity or the demographics you represent, and know that your interactions will be steeped in professionalism, respect, and mutual high regard. You come to work every day certain that your organization’s culture can and will handle any difficult situation efficiently, thoroughly, and with compassion for all involved.

No matter the history of your organization, this kind of transformation is possible. Whether you are new to this journey of diversity and inclusion or you hail from a celebrated tradition of work involving cultural sensitivity and diversity, The New Ground Project is here to assist you in creating a profoundly resilient and positive professional environment around social change and inclusivity.

The New Ground Project is an independent collective of facilitators and consultants that partners with institutions (universities and companies) to identify and address structural and historical inequity. We build customized workshops and intensives that focus on each specific institution improving and maintaining positive staff and labor relations, and staying up to date in the ways that community is developed and healthy, professional relationships are formed.

Interested in learning more about our process, and potentially bringing The New Ground Project to your institution? Let us walk you through what we do best.