Our Practice

While we go out of our way to carefully assess the needs of our partner institutions and tailor our work to them, The New Ground Project’s process often begins in the same way: With identifying and reframing the underlying historical forces that result in displacement, racism, heterosexism, ageism and many other forms of oppression. The goal is to bring each individual’s role inside the complex existing system into a sharp and manageable relief. 

With a more practical framework in place, NGP facilitators introduce and model sustainable interpersonal progress by breaking down the desired dynamic of communication into simple, repeatable steps that everyone in an organization can follow.By using the practices laid out in our workshops, people to begin to see and listen to one another compassionately at all times, including in moments of conflict. The tools we provide are globally beneficial in forming the foundation of a healthy and aware community, and support participants in building trusting relationships over time. 

No matter the length of the training we provide (be it a multi-day retreat, daylong intensive, or half day workshop), The New Ground Project sets a tone that discourages shaming and instead fosters creativity, encouragement, accountability, and integrity. The foundation laid by work with The New Ground Project provides an engaging, lasting framework for experimentation and learning where participants can confidently continue the process on their own.

The goal of The New Ground Project’s work is to see positive change continue at our partner institutions for months and years to come. In that pursuit, we take time with our participants to build honest and supportive relationships that create room for people to be vulnerable and see one another through eyes focused on change. We work to build and maintain reciprocal, sustainable relationships with one another across privilege. This ultimately disrupts adversarial communication patterns and reshapes the culture of retaliation caused by them. The New Ground Project makes a point of encouraging participants to create community-specific solutions on an ongoing basis.

We provide ongoing support through follow up workshops, consultations, free online educational tools, and mentorship programs to keep participants engaged in cultural development beyond the intensive.

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