Our Offerings

The New Ground Project offers both institution-wide and elective courses, depending on the needs of our partner organizations.

We operate on a sliding scale that is determined based on the economic capabilities of the institution and/or the size of the group.  We are committed to serving diverse communities. Please ask us about our scholarship and grassroot community offerings if that feels like the best fit for your organization’s financial needs.

Multi-Day Retreats and Intensives

We engage participants in an interactive, multi-day intensive curriculum to both introduce the basic concepts of our approach and also build/strengthen relationships amongst participants. Our intensives deliberately include leisure activities as a way to practice core concepts while giving participants time to integrate, unwind, and bond with one another. These intensives can be implemented as annual/semi-annual retreats, and can be either on-site or in a relaxed location.

Day-Long Programs

Often best as refreshers for participants with familiarity with The New Ground Project, our day-long workshops and programs can also be used to focus in on specific areas of desired change for a given community. We begin from our general framework and then spend the afternoon engaging in practical exploration of new tools. Day-Long workshops with The New Ground Project are perfect quarterly tune-ups for any organization looking to guarantee healthy community maintenance.

Half Day and Quarter Day  Workshops

The New Ground Projects  shorter workshops are the perfect fit for building one or two precise communication tools into your organization’s common practice. We contextualize the value of the new skill we’re introducing and then provide ample time to practice implementing it in partner and group exercises.

Ongoing long-term support:

While we believe in the powerful transformative nature of our practices, we at The New Ground Project recognize that one workshop or intensive is not enough to sustain lasting change. As such, we offer multifaceted, strategic support for all our partner organizations—including follow-up consultations, workshops, and recommended 2, 3, and 5 year plans for implementing further change.